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Have you been dreaming of straighter teeth but don't want to go through the process of wearing embarrassing metal and wires?


At Brett A. Hoover, DDS of Lebanon, PA, we will be happy to give you the confident smile you have always wanted with the use of our Invisalign technique.

Have your teeth lost the brilliant white sparkle that they once had due to coffee stains, age, or tobacco use? Bring back your vibrant smile with our at-home whitening kit.


We will create a custom mold of your teeth and provide you with whitening gel for you to use in the comfort of your own home.

Custom at-home tooth whitening

Take a modern approach to straighter teeth

 •  Veneers

 •  Tooth implantation

 •  Invisalign

 •  Tooth whitening

 •  Tooth restoration

 •  Pediatric referrals

 •  Orthodontic referrals

 •  Full family dentistry

Complete dental services in

a comfortable environment

If you want fast results for an upcoming special event, we can help you with the use of veneers. Veneers are thin shells of ceramic that are bonded to the front of your teeth, instantly giving you white and straight teeth in a matter of minutes.

Instant teeth improvement with veneers

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